Practicing Yoga Outside This Summer

Yoga In London Ontario Parks


It’s Summer in The Forest City and an ideal time to enjoy your yoga practice outside!

Moving your practice outside can help refresh your mind and routine. A new space and environment will help you connect with your practice and feel rejuvenated.


Be kind to your body, take into consideration the weather forecast and water intake. Your practice could turn into hot yoga if you’re not careful!


The best time of day to enjoy outdoor yoga is in the early morning. The only visitors you will have are the ducks and geese who are roaming the grounds. As the city wakes up, you will be completing your practice with a new outlook on your day and potentially some new animal friends.


We have highlighted some parks, which by day are bustling with families, runners, and events, but in the morning provides a peaceful getaway.


Harris Park

Harris Park is most known for Summer music events and festivals, but in the morning the thames river and trees create a tranquil environment that offers the perfect space for meditation and a mindful yoga practice.

Beware! Geese roam this park and can be territorial!


Gibbons Park

Located on Grosvenor St, offers endless green space! Arrive early in the Summer though, as the pool, tennis courts and playground welcomes little ones early.


Springbank Park

Did you know that Springbank Park is the largest park in London? It’s HUGE!!

We are so lucky to be surrounded by so much green space and life! If you’re not a morning person, the trees will provide shade and there is sure to be space for you to enjoy your practice.


Your Backyard

You can never go wrong with your own backyard! This offers peacefulness and (hopefully) privacy. You never have to travel very far when you can walk out your own back door.


Outside yoga based on time of day

Morning: Peaceful and tranquil, often cooler

Afternoon: Your surroundings will provide ambient noise, but with so much green space in The Forest City, you’re sure to find a space of your own with shade.

Evening (after 5 p.m.): If you’re not a morning person, grab a friend and enjoy the sounds of children, the hustle and bustle of the day ending and a gorgeous sunset!

Don’t want to venture to the park alone? Grab a friend (or two!) and/or a fellow yogi and enjoy a group session! Consider switching who leads the practice to provide variety and different perspectives.


Enjoy your outdoor practice!


Where is your favourite place to practice yoga outside?