Yoga and Meditation


“Do not kill the instinct of the body for the glory of the pose. Do not look at your body like a stranger, but adopt a friendly approach towards it. Watch it, listen to it, observe its needs, its requests, and even have fun. To be sensitive is to be alive.” - Vanda Scaravelli

Yoga helps to restore normal function in our bodies and helps us to cultivate enjoyment from finding ease in movement. The practice holistically incorporates the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of the body, and each type of yoga has its own unique approach.

As a yoga instructor, my focus is on teaching students how to use each pose to improve the functionality of their bodies. My practice is strongly influenced by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli who empowered her students to follower their own inner teacher.  My approach as a yoga instructor is student centred: it is my goal to guide students as they realize that they are their own best teachers. In each class I help students to explore their inner awareness to achieve a more relaxed and energized way of living everyday.

I offer a wide variety of classes from prenatal and introductory yoga to multi-level and curvy yoga. See the calendar below for class schedules, and feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have - all are welcome to join existing classes at any time.

Most importantly, I value diversity in my classes where everyone is welcome!

Private Yoga Classes

Classes can be arranged at any time, please contact us to schedule a class in the convenience or your own home! 

Individual (prices include in-home/office fees)
60 minutes | $75
75 minutes | $85

Group (Minimum 6)
60 minutes | $15/person
75 minutes | $17/person

*Sliding scale available based on needs, please ask!

Packages can be created to suit your organization's needs and can include Yoga Classes, Stress Management Workshops, Meditation Workshops, Finding The Peaceful Path Workshop, and more. Contact us to book your consultation.


Spring 2018 Yoga Schedule



5:30-6:30                            Renegade Yoga (All Bodies Welcome)    The Boombox Bakeshop, London

Start: April 9-June 11 (8 week session *No Class on April 23 or May 21) DROP-INS WELCOME!


7-8:30p                                Intermediate/Advanced                                Private Studio, London

Start: FULL




2-3p                                    Yoga for All                                                          Joy Yoga Studio, St. Thomas

Start: May 22-June 26 (six week session) DROP-INS WELCOME!

6-7p                                       Prenatal                                                                Vesta, St. Thomas

Start: May 1-June 5 (6 week session)

7:30-8:30p                              Plus Size                                                             Joy Yoga Studio, St. Thomas

Start: Mar 20-May 8 (8 week session) DROP-INS WELCOME!

Start: May 22-June 26 (six week session) DROP-INS WELCOME!




4:30-5:30p                             Beginner *299058                                 Central Library, London

Start: April 18-June 13 (nine week session)

6:15-7:15p                             Plus Size *299065                                  Lucas S.S., London

Start: April 18-June 13  (nine week session)

7:30-9p                               90-Minute *299062                                   Lucas S.S., London

Start: April 18-June 13  (nine week session)




10-11a                                    Pain Management & Injury Recovery       Joy Yoga Studio, St. Thomas

Start: Mar 22-May 10 (8 week session) DROP-INS WELCOME!

Start: May 17-June 28 (6 week session *No class June 21) DROP-INS WELCOME!

5:15-6:15p                              Yoga For ALL                                                          The Attic at The Hive, London

Start: Mar 22-May 17 (7 week session *No classes Mar 29 or April 19) DROP-INS WELCOME!

7-8:30p                                 90-Minute *299060                                             St. Pius X E.S., London

Start: April 26-June 21 (9 week session) 




1:30-2:30                             Yoga For All                                                                  The Attic at The Hive, London

Start: Stay Tuned!

* City of London Spectrum Recreation Programs