Vanda Scaravelli

"For all those mom's getting ready for birthing twins, be ready for the 'worse case scenario' as my doctor put it. I was against having an epidural from day one of my pregnancy. Being a woman who has never been through child birth, I thought I could handle it. I think we all think that it won't be that bad. lol. (for those of you who don't get one you are a better woman than I.) My doctor pleaded me to take the epidural. He told me that it is extremely rare but sometimes you will give birth to one and have a c-section for the other. I started to panic and he could see it on my face so he said, "don't worry , it's very rare."
I replied with, "so is having twins and here we are." 
Ever since that conversation I knew it was going to happen to me. Dreading the fast approaching day I was contacted by a lovely lady named Jennifer Surerus. She wanted to be a Doula for my birth. As I am sure you have already guessed it happened to me. I gave birth to Jacobus around 5:45 AM and after many exhausting hours of pushing Jeremiah was c-section at 12:45 PM.
The entire time I was going through this process Jen was at my side helping me with whatever I needed. It funny how quickly you can bond with someone who a month ago was a complete stranger. Jen was kind, knowledgeable, and lovable. I would recommend her services to anyone. The Peaceful Path."

"I am so thankful to have met Jennifer at Vesta as my prenatal yoga instructor. When I found out she was also a doula I knew she would be the right fit for the birth of our 3rd child because of her calming presence and kind nature. We had planned a home birth but due to some "pink" flags we opted for a drug free hospital birth. Jennifer often "checked in" with me before the birth to see how I was doing both physically and emotionally. She also provided a lovely massage as part of her doula service, bonus! She was so attentive during my entire labour. She held my hand, brought beautiful music, encouraged various positions and she did these hip squeezes during transition that I swear saved my life!! I am truly thankful for this beautiful soul for helping us bring our 3rd daughter into this world. It didn't feel like I was labouring in the presence of a stranger, it felt like I was being supported and held by a dear friend. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Jennifer."  ~Jenna

"Jen's peaceful path yoga is a total body practice.  Each session includes postures for balance, strength and meditation.  I sleep better, feel better and my overall health has benefited dramatically.  For the past 2 years I have gained so much from her weekly exemplary classes."  ~Kathy

"Jennifer is a delight to learn from. She makes it easy to achieve goals in your own practice. I wouldn't do yoga with anyone else!"  ~Christal

"Jennifer's calming and reassuring nature adds to her being a wonderful yoga instructor. I knew from my very class that she has a very special talent. She makes her students feel very safe and comfortable in their yoga practice. Through her yoga, I have gained more flexibility and better posture. I am so glad our paths crossed - I always leave her classes on a yoga high!"  ~Laurie